Weekly Legislative Update, March 11th

Several Committees Wrapping Up
The legislators have been convening for committee meetings and public hearings to refine proposals and gather input from the public. The Aging, Children, Housing, and Veterans Committees will conclude business on March 14th. Several more will be concluding in the weeks following. To see the full list of deadlines, click here. Following the end of all committee business, bills and resolutions are set to be taken up by their designated chamber, either the House or Senate.

Fight Over Electric Vehicles
There has been a growing battle about a proposed Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Coordinating Council. The bill H.B. 5485 would create this new government entity. Republicans argue that this bill would end the sale of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. Although, Democrats state that the proposed group would focus on how Connecticut can build effective electric vehicle infrastructure that drivers can rely on. The full story is written by WTNH’s Mike Cerulli and can be read here.

Connecticut Receives $138 Million in Federal Funds
In news outside of the Capitol, Connecticut is receiving $138 million for local investment from the federal government. The funds will be granted to state agencies involved with agriculture, commerce, energy, interior, military construction and veterans’ affairs, transportation, and housing. However, a majority of this money is going to be spent on municipal infrastructure. The funds are to be appropriated to roughly 60 towns in Connecticut. The full story is written by Lisa Hagen of the Connecticut Mirror and can be found here.

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