Our deep understanding of the culture of Connecticut government, politics, and policy and our ability to design and execute the right political strategy makes us a highly valued tool in our client’s toolbox.

The firm’s services include:

Municipal Lobbying

We provide a leveraging advantage for those clients seeking access to municipal policy, codes, permits, development, or service opportunities in any of Connecticut’s 169 towns, our relationships with Mayors, First Selectmen, and municipal governing bodies.  Our understanding of local policymaking positions us to assist our clients in achieving positive outcomes with their local issues.

State Legislative and Administrative Lobbying

Whether it is defending against harmful legislation or advocating for state agency rule changes, we understand the intricacies of lawmaking. Jay served for 4 years as the State Representative from New London and Groton, then ran for Attorney General. Previously he was a City Councilor and Mayor of New London. In his elected office experience, Mike served as Deputy House Majority Leader, as Legal Counsel to the Speaker of the House, and as Legal Counsel for Governor Dannel Malloy. Together, our team knows the workings of the State Capitol like no other and has a significant presence inside the building.

Federal Lobbying

Levin, Paolino & Christ also enjoy robust relationships with Connecticut’s federal delegation. As such, our access allows us to assist clients seeking to reach that important federal audience.  Presently, we represent Cross Sound Ferry/Thames Shipyard on national issues, but we have been a presence in Congress and federal agencies for years.  Finally, we regularly advise clients on federal issues when requested.

Relationship Building

In addition to our ties to the federal delegation, the team at Levin, Paolino & Christ has also developed deep relationships over the years with state agency Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, and administrative staff. Our understanding of each agency’s culture and leadership provides us with the insight needed to develop the best strategy for our clients.

Subject Matter Expertise

While most contract lobbyists tend to learn a little about a lot of different issues, Jay, Armando, and Mike are known for developing a deep knowledge of the business space they are working in including development, infrastructure, health care, labor, higher education, brownfields, taxation, licensing, energy and the environment.

Procurement/State Contracting

Connecticut’s state procurement and contracting procedures are rigorous and, at times, confusing. Levin, Paolino & Christ helps clients navigate these challenges while ensuring strict adherence to all procurement and ethics laws.